Omegle and Chatroulette are those Internet resources where millions of lonely people are looking for their soulmate.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that because of our lack of information about the rules of virtual communication, a lot of attempts to build successful relationships have been failed.

A sense of tact, literacy of speech, originality and an extraordinary approach are only the smallest list of aspects that should be followed.

The basic rules are:

– the first message should be as interesting, intriguing and romantic as possible. Do not offer sex or meeting in real life at the first conversation. These messages will always be ignored;

– be tactful and polite. Rudeness is not the trait that should be shown at the first meeting in the Internet. It is necessary to be as correct as possible. Moreover, show her your respect. If a young girl feels that she is dealing with an nasty person, she will immediately stop the conversation;

– under no circumstances do not show emotions and do not take everything to heart. If your partner is rude, end the conversation maintaining anonymity;

– do not use standard phrases and expressions. It is not recommended to begin communication with the banal ‘You are very cute, let’s get acquainted’. We can confidently assume that your interlocutor receives 20-30 such messages per day. Show originality and non-standard approach;

– the message should not be too short. A long interesting message stands out against similar phrases. This will surely be appreciated be your interlocutor;

– make your communication a bit romantic and mysterious. For example, do not be shy to perform several strange and absurd actions. Write that you would not mind now to waltz a little with your interlocutor or have a cup of coffee on the seashore;

– try to be online as long as possible. Do not disappear for a long time if you feel that you have drawn the attention of your interlocutor. Put up with the idea that you need about 1.5-2 weeks of communication to really make friends with your partner.

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