We have to admit that Chatroulette is a video chat, which every day is becoming more and more popular among the Internet users. The possibility of random meeting and setting of the interlocutor’s search options, the simplicity of the user interface, the presence of rooms with the category 18+ are just the smallest list of advantages that cause the popularity of this Internet resource.

But the main and indisputable advantage of Chatroulette is the anonymity. While the very first versions of the site required the personal data (name, login, phone number, email addresses and other information), today the communicator offers the possibility of completely anonymous dating and choosing a random interlocutor.

The ability to communicate in real time is the main and indisputable advantage of the chat-roulette with a webcam.

Five main reasons for the popularity of Chatroulette:

  1. Quick search of a random interlocutor with the ability to maintain complete anonymity. If the interlocutor does not suit you for some reason, the second search will take no more than 10-15 seconds.
  2. Democratic approach. The principle of democracy is implemented on the site. The site has a special forum where each dissatisfied user can leave comments and suggestions regarding tools, missing features, diversity of rooms and other aspects. However, the most popular discussion is the possibility of returning to the dialog with the lost interlocutor.
  3. Overcoming the psychological barrier and shyness. The impossibility and unwillingness to search for an interlocutor in real life, as well as numerous complexes, do not interfere with organizing productive and interesting communication in one of the chat rooms. In addition, Chatroulette helps you to improve conversational skills. Moreover, it is a great way for shy people to find a soul mate.
  4. The ability to communicate without damage to work. Today, almost every second person has his own business, which takes a lot of free time. In this case, the priority is given to business meetings, business lunches and routine work meetings. One of the main reasons for the popularity of Chatroulette is the opportunity to communicate with an interlocutor without interrupting your work. This service allows you to communicate via mobile devices, like tablets, iPhones, smartphones. Regardless of the time of day, you will be able to find your perfect interlocutor.

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