Chatroulette is a roulette communicator, where communication is realized not only by typing, but also by using a webcam.

The choice of photos (avatars) for communication in the Internet, respect for politeness, tact and originality are only a small part of the aspects that should be given special attention to when you choose Chatroulette.

Online communication is significantly different from a real meeting at a disco or in another public place. You can never guess in advance who your dialogue will be organized with. It will be a completely random interlocutor (regardless of gender, age, social status, etc.).

In order to make communication with your interlocutor interesting, you should know the following rules and recommendations:

– be as tactful and polite as possible. Even if you do not like your interlocutor, do not insult him/her. Firstly, you can get a ban from the moderator, and secondly, you will only get upset or angry. It is much more correct to disconnect and search for another user;

– do not use banal phrases and primitive expressions. Try to show originality in communication, avoiding the standard ‘Hello, how are you?’. The first message should be as interesting as possible;

– stay anonymous in the chat. If you are going to have a video conference with another user, take care that there is no information in your room behind you that could compromise you later (diplomas, licenses, passport details, etc.);

– when you communicate in a text mode, try to be as literate as possible. Any interlocutor does not like grammatical, punctuation and stylistic mistakes;

– do not use the chat as a means for advertising of goods and services, Any other advertising information is also prohibited, for example, links to other Internet resources.


Remember that the site administration is not responsible for the moral damages of the site visitors, so keep a positive attitude and, regardless of the category of the room, be as polite as possible.

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