The Internet offers users great opportunities, allowing them to work, receive useful information, communicate with loved ones, and make acquaintances. One of the most popular tools for finding a soul mate is an online chat. But men often do not know how to show girls feelings and invite them on a date. The question is not about how to make up your mind, but how to make sure that the charming interlocutor will not refuse to meet.

How to get consent

There are several unspoken rules that allow you to get a girl’s consent to a date with an online acquaintance:

  1. Do not rush. It is unlikely that a girl will answer with consent after five minutes of communication with a man. Do not rush things, and do not forget – everything has its time.
  2. Politeness and caution in communication. Not all ladies like brutal young people who are incorrectly expressed in relation to her or to other people. It is important to give the impression of a well-educated, pleasant and educated person – in this case you are guaranteed 50% success in receiving a positive answer.
  3. Sympathy. It is another factor for a successful meeting. Before making an offer, do everything possible so that the girl feels sympathy.
  4. Common interests. Make sure you have common interests with a potential partner. This may be the genre of films, the style of music, clothing, a hobby, professional skills and much more.
  5. Consider a date. Decide in advance where you would like to invite a woman. This will avoid embarrassment and many other unpleasant moments.
  6. The correct wording. If you are planning to arrange a meeting with a girl you like, choose the correct wording of the invitation. If you make a mistake, all efforts to this end may be in vain, and the girl will push you away.
  7. Forget about pressure. If in everyday life you are used to being a leader in everything, then you are probably considering the possibility of pushing a girl to a meeting with perseverance. Convince the interlocutor of the complete safety of the event.

What to do next?

Once you have received the her “yes”, do not relax. Do everything possible so that the meeting is held at the highest level. Design an entertainment program. It can be a banal cup of coffee with dessert in a beautiful place, a picturesque walk in the city, a trip to nature, ice skating, a trip to the park, a horse ride and much more.

It is equally important to set aside a specific budget for the meeting. Unlike other countries, in ours it is accepted that a man pays for a woman. Therefore, with a high probability, all expenses will fall on your shoulders.

Women, like men, in the first place, pay attention to appearance, therefore, stylish hairstyle and clothes are an integral part of a successful date. If you plan to visit the theatre, dress appropriately.

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