According to statistics, more and more people prefer to get acquainted with the representatives of the opposite sex in the Internet. And this is not surprising, because, for example, online chat is able to offer dozens of men in one evening, which cannot be said about real life. However, not everyone can make up his mind about a date with a practically stranger. This is due to certain fears for their honor and, sometimes, life. So how do you make a date with a man from an online chat?

Signs of a reliable man

  1. Do not rush to accept the offer at the first conversation. This step can be a disappointment for you. Talk with a man several times, it will allow you to draw certain conclusions about him.
  2. If a man invites you to a date in his house, you should refuse such an offer. Such a meeting hints at an intimate continuation. Are you ready for this?
  3. Make sure that you have a polite, well-mannered young man. Otherwise, communication with him in real life will bring a lot of negative emotions.

Date or not?

The first date involves a meeting of two people who have feelings for each other. At the same time, do not forget that in this case, a date is different from flirting in online mode.

Due to the popularity of virtual chats, many people date several times a week. There are exceptions, who is ready to see interlocutors every day. And it will be good if the interlocutors agreed in advance that the first meeting does not oblige to anything. It can be a walk in the park, dinner in a cafe. However, it is worth considering that you may have other intentions. It should be borne in mind that most men make their first meetings in order to determine whether they like the girl or not.

What is not worth doing?

Many girls, communicating with a young man, make a number of mistakes, because of which the meeting is imprinted in the memory with negative emotions:

  1. Do not be fooled into believing that a man is inviting you to a restaurant with serious intentions.
  2. Do not expect honesty. You should not expect that the interlocutor will be honest with you. Every person in life has certain problems that he is not ready to share with a stranger. But keep in mind that you are not deceived in order to seem better.

How to behave on a date?

Let’s say you already managed to like the person you are talking to. How to behave on a date so as not to frighten him away?


When creating an image, give preference to decent clothes. This does not mean that you have to wear and a sweater. When picking a bow, try to remain yourself. It is important that the clothing matches the time of year and it is comfortable for you.

Makeup and perfume

Prefer not the catchiest makeup, highlighting the eyes or lips. Favourite perfume should follow you with a pleasant delicate aroma.

Let him look after you

If a young man is caring for you, petty whims are being fulfilled, let him do this further.

Problems are taboo on a first date

Whatever the man, modest, or, on the contrary, persistent, do not hang your problems on him at the first meeting. This will scare him away, and he will not want to meet with you again.

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