Relationships can be made online. For this, special chats have been developed. Omegle and Chatroulette are popular. Advantages are the opportunity to develop social skills, practice in communicating with the opposite sex.

A goal

A guy may be interested in a girl if he writes meaningful messages. No need to consider boring and narrative stories. Messages should have a purpose, cause a reaction in the interlocutor.


  • Encourage a desire to meet in person;
  • Intrigue;
  • Make you worry;
  • Flatter self-esteem;
  • Induce fantasies.

The guy needs to ask questions, be interested in the interlocutor. You do not need to focus on yourself when communicating. A girl can perceive a guy as selfish.

Pauses in communication

It is necessary to keep pauses in communication, but being silent for 5-10 minutes is also not welcome. A girl should be able to tell about herself, ask questions, ask her interlocutor.

During communication it is necessary to be open and concise. Online chats welcome short messages when chatting is in text mode. It is necessary to show the interlocutor an interest, a desire to continue communication. It is forbidden to talk about problems that relate to work, money, health, relationships with ex-girls. These are forbidden topics that are never discussed.

It is forbidden to raise a conversation about sex. The interlocutor can react unpredictably. It is important to create an image of interest in a girl.

Observance of etiquette

To communicate in online chats, it is recommended to add your own photo. You need to add humor so that the girl smiles. Jokes should not be vulgar, inappropriate.

Topics should be neutral first. You can talk about movies, discuss films, favorite actors or genres. It is necessary to leave your own opinion, share your impressions. You can discuss moments from a particular film. In the future, this information may be useful for sharing leisure time, a walk or a first date.

Another topic is questions about hobbies, leisure activities. You need to ask the girl if she likes outdoor activities or prefers to stay at home. Hobbies will help you find common topics. The guy should be able to listen, it is appropriate to ask related questions.

You can ask about travel, take an interest in trips, impressions. Themes will be faster. You can talk about yourself, travel, new places. Girls like it when they show increased interest and attention. You need to quickly respond to jokes, demonstrate interest, ask questions about future plans.

The main rule of communication in online chat is making intrigue from the first phrase or the initial minutes. It is important to demonstrate the advantages and differences from the rest of the guys, to induce curiosity. You should not be intrusive, so as not to frighten the girl and not push her away.

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