When meeting a girl, you want to immediately learn more about her, but you should choose the right questions. Do not ask too personal questions. These include questions about earnings, religion, sex and politics.

You should not embarrass your interlocutor. It should also be understood that even asking questions, you make the first impression also about yourself. Ask about what will help reveal the personality of your interlocutor, because the questions often hide more answers than they seem.

During the first communication on the Internet, you have the opportunity to think over the conversation, you should start with five standard topics:

  1. Hobbies and worldview.
  2. Cinema and music.
  3. Travel and leisure.
  4. Work.
  5. Animals and surroundings.

Even 10-20 years ago, the basis of the women worldview was the creation and support of a family hearth. Nowadays, modern girls have much more interesting hobbies that do not come down to washing, cleaning and cooking, and look attractive and intriguing in the eyes of men. More and more girls are fond of an active lifestyle, travelling, driving a car.

Ask what she likes and what does not. Ask about her tastes in leisure activities, where did she go to rest for the last time, where would she like to visit and what attracts her.

You can find out what kind of sport she likes, whether she has pets, what drinks and food she prefers. The list of questions related to hobbies can be continued indefinitely, it all depends on your imagination and interest in a particular interlocutor.

More and more women are taking their professional self-realization to hobbies and creativity. Girls are increasingly striving to improve not only themselves and their surroundings, but also the rest of the world. Ask her about chosen occupation, what it consists of, why she chose it and how long she has been in her chosen profession. Any girl will like such an interest, because in this way you will not only learn more about her, but also emphasize her importance in your person.

It will not be superfluous to ask her a few questions that will help give you an understanding of how suitable you are for this girl.

  1. What qualities in people does she appreciate.
  2. How she imagines her perfect day.
  3. 3 common features that should be with her and her partner.
  4. What qualities she appreciates in herself.
  5. What achievement she considers the most significant in her life.
  6. How important is love and affection in her life.

And remember that questions are good at bringing people together. Try to ask only what you really want to know!

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