We all often hear that you should not judge a book by its cover. But we all are constantly evaluated by the way we look, and only then by what we say. The photo that you post on the Internet can say a lot about you as a person: what are your ideas about yourself, about your hobbies, emotions, and how you want to present yourself to your surroundings.

A real photo is definitely needed. But which photograph will make you look better and which will produce the opposite effect?

  1. Add a photo in a comfortable environment. Find a place with good lighting. It is desirable that the background is neutral.

You should not paint too much or apply more than 1 filter to such a photo, most people like naturalness and the desire for minimalism.

Try to keep your phone or camera at eye level. Also, do not throw your head too far back or forward. In such a photograph, do not hide your face behind sunglasses. So the photo will turn out as natural as possible and will definitely emphasize all the benefits and features of your face. And do not forget to smile, because positive emotions create a positive mood!

  1. Add a photo related to your hobby. For example, if you like to ride a bicycle, take a photo on one of the bike rides. Do you like to travel? Upload a photo against the backdrop of a landmark, a beautiful view from the city or country where you have been.
  2. Photography with friends and loved ones will show you as a sociable person. But do not upload too many of these photos, otherwise your interlocutor may still not understand how exactly you look. Do not forget that it is you who ultimately should be of interest to your interlocutor.
  3. Professional photo shoot. Professional photographers know exactly what moments and perspectives to capture, they have the experience and special equipment to make the photo as “delicious” as possible. In the age of technological progress, it is enough to just find the right photographer by looking at his work on social networks. The most popular type of photograph is a lifestyle somewhere on the street or in a cafe, but it can also be a thematic photo shoot. Nowadays, there are even photographers specializing in pictures for dating sites. Even if you have no ideas, a professional will tell you!
  4. Do not create a beautiful cover and do not hide behind filters, because the result of any communication on the network is a real meeting.

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