Love at first sight is like snow on your head. It is good if the person is quite real and you can stop him from leaving the conversation  not only with interesting discussions. We will tell you how to make a declaration of love to a guy if your communication takes place in Omegle or Chatroulette.

Wait for the right moment

Declaring love is better in real life, and not in virtual space, but if you are not connected by anything other than chat, try to get a good time. At such a crucial moment, the guy should not be in a hurry, be upset or carried away by some other business.

Choose a day when he is in a good mood and is open for communication, smiling, joking and ready to devote his time to you.

Start from afar

Do not throw the declaration of love on his head in the midst of discussing a football match or the latest episodes of the popular series on Netflix. It is like pouring a person who has left ice water on his head and waiting for a positive reaction. Start a conversation about feelings from afar, but not from a conversation about his ex. And never ask, “And you?” Even if a person sincerely sympathizes with you, he needs time to think about the information received. In the end, you, have prepared mentally for this conversation.

Be sincere

There is nothing worse than retold posts from the Internet. In chat-roulette, your time and possibilities are limited, so use them to the maximum. Express your sympathy in a friendly manner, without ultimatums or tears. Remember that you do not ask anything from anyone and present your love as an expensive gift.

Get ready for any reaction

It was you who prepared for the conversation and thought out the possible ways of retreat, and your interlocutor simply did not have time for this, so be prepared for any reaction: a person can be embarrassed, and even dump you. Try to accept this. It is possible that a guy will need only a few minutes to think about his mistake, and he will return to the chat in a minute. But it may happen that he never calls back.

Use substitute phrases

Saying “I love you” is sometimes not easy even with personal contact after several years of dating. And in chat-roulette it can be even more difficult. If it is hard for you to say the three words, try the following turns: “It seems that I am falling in love with you ..”, “I really like talking with you, it seems I love you …”, “I have not had such a thing with anyone interesting and fun, I think I love you … ”

This ‘seems’ gives you a chance to turn the conversation back.

Do not be afraid of failure

It only seems that love occurs only once in life. But this is not so. It is possible that your prince is not a prince at all. And fate, on the contrary, protects you from worries and hardships. So if the person did not share your feelings, feel free to turn over the page. Maybe there is someone waiting for you in the chat-roulette.

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