Flirting is an essential tool for seduction, a way to interest and fall in love with a girl, achieve a romantic relationship, or have a pleasant love adventure. Today, when communication has moved online, it is especially important to know how to properly flirt with the fair sex on the Internet. To do this, you can use both standard dating sites and instant messengers, as well as chat-roulettes for video communication. Here are five basic rules for online flirting.

Use original phrases

Make interesting compliments. You should not take formulaic phrases – if you have photos of a girl, start from her appearance. Note that her eyes have an unusual shade, she has beautiful hands or graceful facial features that are similar to the paintings of the great masters – women love subtle compliments that are aimed at small details of their appearance. Give compliments in moderation.

Be emotional

Correspondence is often devoid of emotion, so to avoid sounding indifferent or even rude, use a small amount of exclamation marks and emoticons. If you already know the girl well enough, you can feel free to send “kisses”, but do not do it in the first few messages.

Add mystery

Most women have a healthy curiosity, so if you have already attracted her attention, she will try to find out as much as possible about you. You should joke, do not reveal all of your secrets at once and do not provide personal information. If your communication takes place only in correspondence, it is recommended to postpone some interesting secrets until a real date – then the woman will have an incentive to meet you. Nevertheless, you should not be too restrained and hide even the obvious things. Often, after several hours of correspondence, many interlocutors want to go to social networks, since a page on a social network is a great way to find out about a person’s hobbies and lifestyle. Do not hide this from the lady, otherwise she may think that you are in a relationship.

Talk about a real date

To prevent communication from slipping into a purely virtual plane, regularly hint the lady about a real date: dinner with a glass of wine, a romantic walk under the stars, going to the cinema – suggest ideas and look at the girl’s reaction. In a few days, you will be able to directly state your intentions and ask the interlocutor for a real meeting.

Do not be intrusive

You should not write to the girl every day at the same time – then the interlocutor will quickly get used to your attention. Try so that the girl never knows what time and when you will write.

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