If you want to find a devoted, intelligent and loyal girl for a romantic relationship, be prepared to show a lot of patience and talk with dozens of the representatives of the fair sex (this can be easily done using chat-roulettes, where you can immediately see the appearance and manners of the interlocutor). What signs of a good girl can be distinguished, and how to understand that a lady is suitable for a long-term relationship?

Intelligence and desire to learn new things

If you are an active and versatile man, you are unlikely to like it if your woman is only interested in cosmetics and new clothes. It is not necessary to look for the cleverest woman in the world for a romantic relationship – it is enough for your companion to be curious, interested in the latest news and books, trying to understand and find out your interests.


Gone are the days when the rule of good manners was considered to be passive and give all the initiative to a man. If a girl never writes to you first, does not offer to meet, does not come up with ideas for dating, most likely she is simply not interested in you enough. In an equal relationship, the initiative should belong to two partners, only in this case communication will be comfortable.

Respect for your partner

A girl does not have to share all your interests and take part in your hobbies, but the rule is to treat them with respect. If a lady directly says that your classes are not interesting and do not deserve attention, laughs at hobbies, this means that you should look for another life partner who will support you.

Well-groomed and neat appearance

When choosing a partner for a romantic relationship, first of all, we pay attention to appearance, and this is quite justified. Of course, everyone has different tastes, and you do not have to like a model. However, a real woman will always take care of herself, choose clean clothes, neat manicure and light makeup. With such a lady, you will be happy for sure.

Loyalty to her man

This is another important and universal rule, without which a strong relationship is impossible, if you prefer them in the traditional version, with marriage and children. On social networks of the girl with whom you are going to live your whole life, there should not be dubious men and flirting comments, she should not be nervous when you pick up her phone or try to look over your shoulder at a computer monitor. Of course, these rules do not apply to business communication: do not restrict your partner in her communicative relationships, try to maniacally check the phone and make hourly calls: remember that harmonious relationships are built, first of all, on trust in each other.

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