Human is a social being, therefore communication with other people is a necessary part of his life. However, modern life is very busy and there is very little time left for traditional communication. Each person fulfils his communication needs in his own way. A very large percentage of people use virtual space for communication.

Virtual communication is a modern way of communication between people

The possibilities of the Internet for communication between people are very great. Communication services are constantly being improved and become more attractive to users.

Online communication service remains the most popular and in demand today. It allows you to turn virtual communication into a real date or meeting of friends. Every year video chats provide faster and more reliable video broadcasting and the number of users of this service is constantly growing.

Online communication in video mode has several advantages:

  • Communication can take place anytime and anywhere;
  • Virtual communication helps to overcome shyness and acquire communication skills with unfamiliar people;
  • Communication in the Internet provides a huge audience;
  • Many services do not require registration and work for free.

Features and differences of TinyChat

There are really many services for fun and interesting communication on the Internet, and they all have their users. At the same time, a video chat is the most similar service to traditional communication. This communication service is gaining great popularity. Video chat services are easy to find in the Internet.

No special technical means or knowledge is required to use them. Video chat can be used on any modern phone or laptop. From a software component point of view, any browser is required. In addition, the system must be allowed to use the microphone and the webcam.

There are many popular resources among video chat services. One of them is TinyChat. It is an advanced communication platform that includes a number of features:

  • A video chat with a random interlocutor, which works on the principle of a chat-roulette;
  • Traditional instant text messaging. It is also possible to simultaneously exchange text and video;
  • Sharing screens between users and the ability to broadcast videos to popular social networks Twitter and Facebook. Also, users of TinyChat can exchange YouTube videos during the conversation;
  • Creating your own thematic chat rooms, as well as chat rooms for registered Twitter and Facebook users with the ability to invite your friends;
  • Each chat room can have up to 12 active participants and many passive observers;
  • The basic features of TinyChat are free to use.

The services of TinyChat can be used both in a regular browser by going to the corresponding website, and after installing the TinyChat application on your phone.

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